CALATENA – Modules

Our modules interlock seamlessly and complement perfectly.
Create questionnaires, monitor your quality standards or manage your master data. You will find a selection of our CALATENA modules on this page. We are pleased to advise you on these and other possibilities of our services.


Create your own questionnaires, do inspections or review reports.

Test Object Management

Create your own regulations and use them for tests or apply already included regulations, occasions, content, deadlines and technical qualifications for tests.


Use accident reports and hourly reports to control the quality standards of your business and your suppliers.


You can use preconfigured standard reports for your reports.

Action Tool

Examine and pursue actions from different modules, incl. escalation at the end of deadlines that are based on business objectives.

Dynamic Organization of Tables

Control of Services

System Data Base

You can manage organization overlapping data bases like trades, standards & Co.

Organizational Data Base

Change your own organizational data base, as well as those of your contractors.

Personnel Data Base

Create a personnel data base. This can be done by the contractor as well as the customer.

Module Data Base

Here you can change the data base of the modules of the system, as well as the structure of the storage of inspections.


Enables you to analyze your data using syntactic and semantic methods. Patterns are recognized and learned. If, for example, a set of data is incomplete or wrong, all data sets will be used to identify the correct information and the data set will be corrected automatically, if this is desired.

System Configuration

Configure the menu, documents and dynamical content.

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