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CALATENA – digital workflow without any frustrations.
Don’t have a (digital) workflow?

Manual handling paperwork and/or poorly integrated processes are frustrating and a waste of time. Use your valuable working time effectively and economically.  CALATENA feels better!

Hate paperwork?

All transactions are carried out in the ERP System and all schedules are integrated in one software with access for any involved company and engineers. Completed works are reported via mobile devices.
The future is digital!

Are you sick of the chaos?

CALATENA provides overviews and statistics on current data and allows you to coordinate the various steps of maintenance processes without any additional effort or loss of time.  Everything works quickly and smoothly!

Do you just wanna start?

Don’t bother with a lengthy setup.  Get started with only little master data.
All you need is internet access and our app.
CALATENA is jump startable!

We are certified SAP-Partner

CALATENA can be hosted on SAP® Cloud Platform. All data is secure and available anytime from anywhere in the world. You may integrate our maintenance IT system in your existing SAP® landscape.
Start your innovation journey with us!

Get the best look and feel

CALATENA offers a great user experience through an easy usability without any questions. The complexity of our software is hidden behind an intuitive and logical interface. No one is as user friendly as us!

CALATENA by OrgaTech.

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