The Smooth Experience

Three simple steps to a digital workflow.


Report a problem or task and document the project.


Execute order processes in the blink of an eye or initiate specific work steps.


Get spare parts and deliveries of goods and assign them to the need.

Features and benefits of CALATENA

CALATENA – The Future of Digital Processes

Stand-alone solution or part of your existing system.
Jump right in

All you need is internet access and the app.

CALATENA can be integrated directly into your existing maintenance software.

Always and everywhere

CALATENA is operated directly by your own IT department.

Otherwise, you can use our hosting or e.g. the SAP® Cloud platform.

Individual × intuitive

CALATENA works completely logically. You can choose the scope of functionality.

No one is as user friendly as us!

Always in contact

CALATENA connects trade and service partners.

The flexibility of your employees is decidedly improved – internal and external.

The secure future

CALATENA simplifies compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

Maintenance processes succeed quickly and smoothly.

Technical specifications

Mobile access for all parties involved. All data is available anytime from anywhere in the world.

Full integration of maintenance schedules, overviews and statistics.

Interface for sensors e.g. S/4 HANA, Predix and MindSphere.

Carrying out all necessary transactions in the ERP System.

Certified SAP ® Partner for more reliability and constant accessibility.

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The Smooth Experience.

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